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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Everybody has Buddha nature

'Everybody has the Buddha nature': Experts analyze Buddhism's global appeal

As one of the world's major religions, Buddhism is popular in the West despite its foreign origins and language barriers. And with exchanges of ideas between different regions, such as this month's first China-Canada-US Buddhist Forum, Buddhism is likely to become more influential.

Buddhism's appeal internationally is despite significant cultural and ideological differences between continents. Shen Weirong, a professor of Tibetan and Buddhist studies at Tsinghua University, told Dialogue with Yang Rui that Buddhism has entered a "golden age" worldwide.

The religion is developing at speed, not only in Tibet and across other parts of China but abroad, said Shen.

In these violent times, one of the notable aspects of Buddhism is its teaching of peace. It is said that no wars have been fought in the name of Buddhism.

Dayi Shi, president of the Buddhist Association of Canada, thinks Buddhists' sense of compassion is important.

“In Buddhist history, we don’t have any violence, because Buddha always tells us we have to have compassion," he explained. "We have to respect each other even though we have different beliefs, we have different religions. But we still have to respect each other. Why? Because everybody has the Buddha nature.”

By Yao Nian ,Wang Dong  - CGTN

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